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Why Cooperate

Within the next decades, an economical switch is expected in the global scenario: emerging nations will lead the global economy and productivity. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in 2012 Brazil was the sixth largest economy of the world by gross domestic product (GDP), and by 2018 it is expected to be the fifth largest world economy.

In 2012, Brazil was in the 4th position among the top 10 countries receiving foreign direct investment (FDI). Brazil is expected to be the fifth major consumption market globally by 2015, driven by consumption-stimulating governmental programs and by the size of the Brazilian population (194 million in 2012).

Furthermore, the Brazilian government is strongly committed to supporting national R&D activity. In order to increase private investments, has established several federal programs in partnership with companies/industries to stimulate this activity, such as financing programs and credit lines. 

Benefits for companies that participate in the cooperation:

- Matching Service;
- Funding of both countries for the same project;
- Participation of the most important government institutions related to the theme of cooperation;
- Guidelines for companies that have their projects approved.