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COMPANY NAMEOrdenação crescente Ordenação decrescenteCORE BUSINESSOrdenação crescente Ordenação decrescente
Priotex ltd N/A
Raz Consultores consulting
Revolugenix Biotecnologia, Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento LTDA Cell culture, biomaterials, collagen, bone regeneration, regenerative medicine.
RM1 Informatica Ltda Core business is the consulting process and high impact training using coaching. The expertise area is the training cost and price
Robotto - Soluções em Automação e Robótica Product development in automation (industrial, residential, etc.) and robotics. Although the company is newly established, our members have many years of experience in automation and robotics.
Skydrones Tecnologia Avionica Ltda Development os small UAV (up to 7kg) for security, agricuture and industrial ispection. Develop and produce fixed wing and multirotor.
SOFTSIZE DESENVOLVIMENTO E CONSULTORIA SS LTDA FPA measurement FPA trainning - Function Point Analisys
Solar Logos We develop large-scale solar thermal projects. We also have projects for a next-generation wind turbine, altitude wind, sea and geothermal power, and advanced vehicles.
SOLINOVA INOVAÇÃO TECNOLÓGICA E EMPRESARIAL Renewable Energy. Thermosolar Solar Power Plant for cogeneration.
Tecnotok Industria de Maquinas Ltda The best solutions in packaging, baling and palletizing are worthy to take the seal “The Best”. From the project concept to the finished product, TECNOTOK prioritizes the needs of its customers to create equipments that are the perfect solution for your production line, reaching a new level of performance, easy operation and with the best value for your money of the market. With equipments completely developed with own technology, Tecnotok has numerous patented projects and still innovative in the market. Serving with excellence the requirements of the world market, all the machinery complies with the safety requirements, according to domestic and international standards. Tecnotok prioritizes its customers, by offering technical support, specialized training, technical assistance 24 hours, security assurance within the existing rules and prompt attention to any changes in components and repair parts. The perfect match of TECNOTOK technology with pneumatic and electro-mechanical functions, results in unique equipments, with the quality seal “The Best”.
The OpenBridge Soluções de Software Ltda - Open source software implementation and customization; - Business analysis, simulation (BPMN), and software prototyping; - Interfaces and legacy software integration; - Support for open source softwares (2nd and 3rd lines).
TransAlgae TransAlgae is a biotech company that has developed a platform that is highly relevant for animal husbandry. We have the ability to modify algae to produce high value products that, for the moment, are being utilized by the animal husbandry industry. We are able to orally deliver active, intact proteins to target animals. As a result of this, we have opened the door for vaccinations. Our products were tested on 5 species of fish (ornamental and edible), 2 species of shrimp, and 1 species of coral. The results of these trials found our technology to be significantly effective for the aquaculture industry and we are currently evaluating the technology in poultry. Our products and platform have been tested by two leading research institutes belonging to the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. The potential for many different proteins and products is immense. We have a fast responding R&D ability for emerging needs, significantly cheaper production platform (eliminating the need for protein purification, encapsulation, etc.), and some production capabilities. Enhanced Algae Designed for Fish – growth promoting enhanced algae that makes fish grow faster and reduces fingerlings mortality. We have pipeline products for the aquaculture industry including spawning, vaccination and products for shrimp
Valor Inovações e Projetos LTDA. We specialize in industrial photovoltaic project, where a photovoltaics systems can be used as an alternative to unexpected shutdowns. We also have engineers working jointly in the preparation and implementation of pilots, software solutions and equipment in ​​technology area, specifically in information security.
VERT SOLUÇÕES EM TIC LTDA infrasctruture software & hardware, storage, security, datacenter, network, safe city, integration, software development, project management,
Watchitoo Watchitoo is a new video collaboration platform that can be embedded into virtually any website. Watchitoo is the perfect solution for anyone with a website who wants their communities engaged in a completely new and dynamic way. Watchitoo uses a patented multistreaming technology that allows up to 25 people to collaborate in a virtual video conference environment, around nearly any form of rich media (think PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, documents, photos and Hi-Definition video clips), no matter where they are on a map. What’s more, this rich media and video collaboration platform is viewable by an audience that can scale into the thousands! Someone using Watchitoo for their next virtual meeting can now see, hear and collaborate with any viewer in their audience. With the click of a mouse, the host of a meeting can drag a user out of the audience and bring them streaming live into the meeting to collaborate or answer questions, while the remaining audience members are following along in real time. Any viewer can become a participant, and any meeting participant can be switched back to a general viewer. Watchitoo is the first collaboration platform that can be embedded into any website. It’s a fully brandable solution that allows you to customize to your specifications, so that you achieve the look and feel you want. Skin the player with your site’s design and logo for a premium, professional appearance. The best part? Your community doesn’t have to leave your web page in order to collaborate with or consume your media. Watchitoo boasts a suite of powerful analytics tools that will allow you to peer into the effectiveness of your meetings. The robust tool set includes features that allow you to see the number of participants who joined your meeting, how long people stayed to watch, what sort of content they downloaded and so much more.
76 results