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COMPANY NAMEOrdenação crescente Ordenação decrescenteCORE BUSINESSOrdenação crescente Ordenação decrescente
CTI-Creative Technologies Israel Ltd 1) Alternative Energies: Wind Farms; Agriculture Energy Recycling; Fuel Cells Hydrogen Power Production; Solar Energy 2) Electric Vehicles: Conversion Diesel Vehicle to Hybrid-Electric; Electric Buses; Military Electric Vehicles 3) High Power Lasers for Military and Civil Applications 4) High Power Wireless Transmission: Military Signal and Power Transmission: Wireless Power Transmission to Charge Energy Storage Devices; Satellites Wireless Power Transmission 5) Military Missiles and Homing New Start Up Technologies and High Tech Devices 6) CTI has a laboratory set up of microwave beaming at 94 GHz of combined signal and power in single beam operations transmit/receive operation to be extended to commercial set up to be usedthe proposed project
A1see Ltd. A1see™ is a Diabetes Management Service Platform that empowers healthcare providers to provide world-class services to diabetic patients using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). A1see™\'s main unique core technology consists of its data analysis and learning algorithms that provide decision support capabilities to both patients and medical professionals. The proposed project is the development of a diabetes management service that would empower diabetics to take control of their health management using their mobile phone, under remote supervision of the medical staff using information technology.
Institute for Research and Technological Development of Brazilian Machinery Manufaturers - IPDMAQ Advise brazilian companies of capital goods sector in their projects of innovation that seek to develop new products, services, and processes.
AKOL Anat Keshev LTD AKOL\'s major advantage lies in its specialization in the agricultural sector; its in-depth acquaintance with the needs and the way things work in this unique sector; the experience AKOL has accumulated over two decades; its ability to utilize advanced technologies, including integration of farm data from numerous sources; and its ability to create focused and professional presentations to the decision-makers. Since its founding in 1978, AKOL (formerly Anat Keshev) has pioneered the integration of IT systems in the agricultural sector and built computer and IT solutions that have won it renown in Israel and around the world. AKOL provides services Web-based agro-commerce (using a SAAS – Software as a Service model) to link, stream, and manage information between the different parties in the sector, in real time, using various applications. AKOL systems link packinghouses, dairies, slaughterhouses (abattoirs), regulatory bodies, food centers, laboratories, marketing centers, service providers, as well as crop, dairy and poultry farmers. AKOL solutions are adapted to the specific needs of customers in each agricultural sector, and have been incorporated with great success in a wide variety of organizations. AKOL has accompanied its customers over the years and run a support center that includes software experts well acquainted with the relevant areas of agriculture, and gained excellent reputation among our customers. AKOL invest a lot of effort in identifying needs and trends in the agricultural sector, and develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our customer base in Israel and worldwide.
AMVS asdf
Mobix Wireless Solutions At the core of the transformation of power, gas and water grids into “a Smart Grid”, are the “smart meters” and the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”) networking technology. The smart meters are connected via the AMI, thus enabling two-way reliable data transmission. The evolution of meter reading, in the last 10 years, is from manual reading, to Automatic Meter Reading (“AMR”) for the purpose of the period billing function, to the current need for AMI “near online” reading capabilities with 2-way communication. This new requirement enables the utility to control the meter (i.e., close and open, dynamically update tariffs and on-demand meter reading) and a variety of capabilities from fraud detection and prevention to smooth integration of alternative power. Mobix is dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative technologies and end to end solutions for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) market, supporting electricity, water and gas environments. Mobix’ patented technology is a combination of over six years of field and development experience. It lead, the Mobix innovative R&D team, to the design of what is now a patented technology enabling Radio Frequency (RF) and Power Line Communication (PLC) to function seamlessly as a synchronized unified data network. Mobix technology, by enabling synchronized simultaneous and parallel transmission in RF & PLC, ensures the performance and reliability required to satisfy current and future demands from AMI systems. Together with the high performance, Mobix’ new technology solutions, require significantly lower capital expenditure and lower ongoing operational costs, thus enabling the deployment of the networks necessary to turn today’s grid into a Smart Grid.
MOTIVA MOTOCICLETAS S/A Automotive Industry; electric vehicles; components for electric and hybrid vehicles;
ODZ Consulting & Marketing Ltd. Ballistic Armour Testing and Engineering Technology transfer services, materials trade
ODZ Consulting & Marketing Ltd. Ballistic Armour Testing and Engineering Technology transfer services, materials trade
BAT - BEIT ALFA TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Beit-Alfa Technologies Ltd. (BAT) has been an international leading designer and manufacturer of Special Purpose Vehicles since 1966. It already compete in BIDS for some of its products such as Riot Control Vehicle and Bomb Squad vehicles in Brazil.
Battery Solution International (BSI) BSI has developed a unique technological solution which allows doubling the life expectancy of batteries, at as good as new quality and reliability, for a significantly lower cost. BSI solution consists of 3 main elements:  Coating the battery components with \"BSI Additive\" fluid.  Implementing\"BSI Platinum system\" proprietary charging process.  The Process for integrating the different components.
arbelcomm.com cattle physiology, cattle\\\'s herd managemment, comunication
Revolugenix Biotecnologia, Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento LTDA Cell culture, biomaterials, collagen, bone regeneration, regenerative medicine.
ABENDI - Brazilian Society for Nondestructive Testing and Inspection • Certification and qualification • NDT and Inspection standards • Training • Workshops, fairs conferences • Publication of NDT magazines and handbooks
PCT Ltd Coating systems based on Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO), Magnesium parts to improve corrosion resistance, and Titanium alloys to improve dielectric resistance and eliminate galvanic corrosion. Main market is the Petrochemical Market, Water Desalination and purification, Aerospace and defense, Cookware and Bicycles. Applications includes: Heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, fasteners, etc.
Raz Consultores consulting
Atlanta Tecnologia de Informação Ltda. CORE BUSINESS: Enhance traffic with Technologies for Traffic Safety, Management, Control and Enforcement. MAIN SECTOR OF EXPERTISE and KEY PRODUCT AREAS: Traffic management solutions and enforcement. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AREAS: traffic management and monitoring, image recognition, computer vision, artificial intelligence.
RM1 Informatica Ltda Core business is the consulting process and high impact training using coaching. The expertise area is the training cost and price
Neuron Engenharia e Comercio de Equipamentos Eletronicos Ltda. CORE BUSINESS: Space subsystems and equipments; Customized environment data collection subsystems and equipments; Development of customized electronics systems and equipments. AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Project Management; System Engineering (Electro-electronic requirements; Mechanical requirements Thermal requirements; Product Assurance requirements; Test engineering requirements; Manufacturing requirements; Installing/maintenance requirements); Microwave and RF Systems and Equipments; Antennas.
MARIO LEONIR SCHWAAB COSMETIC DISPLAY WITH THERAPEUTIC, THROUGH RESEARCH oils extracted from the AMAZON FOREST. Research and industrial hygiene products, beauty and herbal
76 results