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KCBiotech Biotechnology Solutions KCbiotech Biotechnology Solutions is a young company in Brazil. Our services and R&D projects primly related to agribusiness. Our Services are conducted in our lab in Brazil. KCbiotech consists of a service department delivering costumer specific solutions and a research and development department, which is creating new and innovative products. KCBiotech woks, for example, with analyses and R&D for non-GMO and GMO plants. The company also works with genetic engineering for Brazilian biodiversity.
IT Consulting Informática Ltda. We combine Business Management and logistics know-how backed up by a strong knowledge of technology in the following segments: Finance, Education, Telecom, Health besides a large control in public administration. The narrow and lasting relationship we keep with our clients and partners proves the success of developed programs for the Technological Transition Management or Processes we offer.
iTAIC iTAIC is concentrated in developing new technologies to wireless sensors networks based on protocol IEEE 802.15.4 and FPGA. The protocol IEEE 802.15.4 is used to transmit multimedia and signals of sensors. To complex algorithms, iTAIC is developing solutions based on configurable hardware, based on FPGA, to accelerate the processing of information like image and sound processing.
Instituto IPET Pr With multidisciplinary profile iPet develops its activities in an integrated manner and in partnership with public and private business sector in order to promote the development Tecnologico and related areas by performing the following services: ¨ Innovation, research and development. ¨ Provision of specialized technical services, including electronic security, telecommunications consulting and business management and maintenance of electronic boards. ¨ Testing for product certification. ¨ Continuing education for professional training, through the dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge, based on the following types of courses: ¨ Training (professional training). ¨ Lectures, seminars, forums and workshops.
Instituto Brasilia de Tecnologia e Inovacao IBTI areas of knowledge and activities are linked to the IT productive arrangement in the Federal District (DF), being worthy to notice that there are over 3,740 information and telecommunications companies in the DF, and the government\'s strategy includes the deployment of the DF of the Digital Capital Technology Park Pole (PTCD). This project is a major component of the DF government policy to leverage the sector that is already the second largest in the country. The valuable proposition of PTCD is the availability of a high-tech laboratory for the development of ICT solutions within the Park, once it represents an increasing attractiveness and opportunity for success, especially for small and medium-sized companies located in the Park. This lab is available, in a shared-basis, to those entities involved with the PTCD allowing this technology infrastructure of high complexity and cost to be available for conducting research and development activities without requiring investments by each individual company/research group that needs such infrastructure. In this sense, the laboratory represents a rationalization of infrastructure.
Institute for Research and Technological Development of Brazilian Machinery Manufaturers - IPDMAQ Advise brazilian companies of capital goods sector in their projects of innovation that seek to develop new products, services, and processes.
Hazera Genetics ltd. Hazera Genetics is a world leader in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable and field crop hybrid seeds
Hangus Solutions and Services Web Development; Developtment of mobile technologies; Industrial and Comercial porpouse; Java, PHP, MySQL and Oracle Databases;
Geosignals The Geosignals is a company that produces mobile sensing technologies that collaborate in the collection and analysis of environmental data, in search of understanding about our environment. Develop devices for use in participatory monitoring, focusing our efforts on sensing and air quality. Our goal is that these products demonstrate the usefulness of incorporation of environmental sensors in commercial devices such as Smartphones. We offer solutions in services data modeling using Geo and Information Technology.
Gauzy Ltd We are a Hi-tech company which develops, manufactures and already markets end to end solutions and applications for our everyday life glass surroundings. We provide smart and unique HW applications enabling a variety of industries to handle glass like never before. Gauzy is bringing the future closer by embedding technology into our urban surroundings – walls, windows, doors, shops, vehicles, elevators, and electronic consumer devices such as refrigerators and many more. At Gauzy we identified the need to simplify extremely complicated existing shading technologies based on advanced materials with simple straight forward operating systems. We are proud to provide innovative patent pending hardware designs which introduce amazing Glass capabilities. These capabilities can answer the needs for architectural flexibility (blinds which can be shut in all directions embedded in the glass for instance), transportation’s growing need for green-like technologies and fashionable competitive advantages (car windows, aviation and marine glass apertures etc’). We address the traditional glass industry and provide the manufacturers and processors new product portfolios to manufacture and install (Embedded with Gauzy HW and SW). We train and certify Glass processors around the world and sign trade agreements to allow them to purchase processed advanced raw material (such as Liquid crystal) and high end electronics (we develop). Partnering with us gives them the ability to offer their local markets with innovative new technologies to overcome traditional glass products decline in profitability. To better understand how our technology is used and application please tune in to our Youtube short video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrQlW1oRUns.
FibroLAN Ltd The company develops, manufactures, markets, delivers and supports a wide range of products with the F/O networks arena The company is located in Israel (HQ, R&D, marketing) and local presence in North America, Central Europe and APAC The company has a network of partners (system integrators) in many countries, OEM agreements with 2 major Telecomm vendors and cooperation with other vendors for joint solutions. The company has an large installed base, mainly in US, EU and APAC, currently supplying to 30+ operators and service providers
Evidence Projetos e Decorações Ltda Industry point of sale material, fabrication and erection of shops / kiosks / display cabinets.
Euexpand Social Network.
ENACOM Handcrafted Technologies The ENACOM develops and commercializes solutions using optimization theory, machine learning and numerical modeling. The ENACOM team has researchers specialized in multiobjective optimization, where conflicting objectives must be held simultaneously. Several solutions ranging from classical linear optimization up to non-differentiable multiobjective problems have already been provided by our team. We also commercialize solutions in machine learning such as prediction, forecasting, signal processing, image processing, classification, among others. Numerical modeling, specially applied to electrical engineering problems, is another specialty of ENACOM. The ENACOM team has provided several solutions in this subject in the past year such as: electrical power flow, transmission lines fault detection, motor design and optimization, antennas (reflector, yagi, patch) design and optimization, ground penetrating radar.
Emerald Medical Applications LTD. DermaCompare is the first application to utilize our sophisticated image processing technology. The skin lesions detection software solution is designed to revolutionize the process of diagnosing melanoma, the major cause of skin cancer related mortality. DermaCompare supports early stage diagnosis of skin cancer by providing constant monitoring of suspicious skin lesions using various imaging methods, thereby significantly increasing the chances of treating the condition, as well as lowering the cost and complexity of treatment.
Eduardo Lopes da Silva infra structures, premolding, transports, organizational inteligence
ECOSAN EQUIPAMENTOS PARA SANEAMENTO LTDA Minning, Potable Water, Sludge Treatment, Beverage, Small and Medium communities
Danziger Innovations Ltd. Danziger Innovations (Danziger) is an Israeli start-up company that specializes in the development of MemoGeneTM, a genetic breeding platform aimed primarily at creating non-GMO high-value, tailor-made plant varieties with novel desirable traits. Danziger’s proprietary breeding solution, MemoGene™, enables i) the introduction of deletions in genes of interest as modifications for non-GMO plants; or ii) the insertion of genes into specific genomic regions.
76 results