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Euexpand Social Network.
Acrux Aerospace Technologies Small Rockets, Mediam and Small UAVs, 135 Wp Solar Panels and Educational
3A Locações, Serviços e Inovações Tecnológicas LTDA Service equipment leasing, computer supplies, internet access and research in S & T. Development of products for sustainability, with an emphasis on clean and renewable energy and the use of perishable solid waste.
Copeli Cosméticos e Perfumes Ltda – EPP Research, development and production of innovative cosmetics containing active ingredients of the Brazilian biodiversity. Production line includes makeup items, soaps (liquid and bar), hand and body care, body lotion, parfums, infant cosmetics, home scents, cosmetics for vitiligo and sanitizing products. Copeli developments include sun blocking lotions with natural active ingredients of the Brazilian biodiversity.
SOLINOVA INOVAÇÃO TECNOLÓGICA E EMPRESARIAL Renewable Energy. Thermosolar Solar Power Plant for cogeneration.
MS - Tech Provide real-time analysis by sensor solutions to detect problems in their initial stages so enables to minimize losses from products calls and maximize quality assurance and inspection efficiencies
Robotto - Soluções em Automação e Robótica Product development in automation (industrial, residential, etc.) and robotics. Although the company is newly established, our members have many years of experience in automation and robotics.
Positivo Informatica S.A. Our core business is Personal Computers. Our main expertise is the ability to create competitive products for the Brazilian mediam class, taking into account the level of understanding of our population, its pocket share and the maturity of technologie.
Optibase Technologies Optibase Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in advanced video over IP solutions, specializing in High End video encoding, decoding and streaming for Telco Operators, government and law-enforcement agencies, military bases, enterprise organizations and the world\\\'s leading broadcast service providers. The company’s platforms are fully interoperable with equipment from a wide range of IPTV technology vendors, including set-top box developers, middleware software companies and IPTV network access vendors. The product line consists of variety of IPTV encoders for different purposes; and EZ TV portal for management of video in diverse networks.
The OpenBridge Soluções de Software Ltda - Open source software implementation and customization; - Business analysis, simulation (BPMN), and software prototyping; - Interfaces and legacy software integration; - Support for open source softwares (2nd and 3rd lines).
Nanodynamics Consulting and Innovation Nanodynamics develops and commercializes products based on nanotech platforms. Its main areas of concentration may be divided in the following topics: 1) Development of drug nanocarriers for antimicrobial and antineoplastic therapies, mainly those designed for photodynamic therapy. 2) Development of nanostructured cosmetic formulations based on plant extracts from Brazilian biodiversity. The Brazilian flora has proven to be a rich source of raw materials for cosmetics. Different plant extracts from Brazilian biodiversity have shown potential for moisturizing, nourishing and to exert antioxidant activity, for example, that are desired in various types of cosmetics. The combination of these extracts with nanostructures in a formulation can lead to the development of totally new, more efficient cosmetic products.
Priotex ltd N/A
Law Offices of Flavio Picchi My focus of practice is legal assistance to Brazilian and foreign entrepreneurs, startup companies and venture capitalists.
Modulo Security Solutions Modulo helps organizations automate the overwhelming challenge of identifying, prioritizing, and responding to regulation deficiencies and risk exposures with solutions for IT GRC, Enterprise Risk Management, Safety, Bunisness Continuity Management, Compliance and Risk Management.
ECOSAN EQUIPAMENTOS PARA SANEAMENTO LTDA Minning, Potable Water, Sludge Treatment, Beverage, Small and Medium communities
Metrycom Communications Metrycom develops markets and supports low-cost on-line wireless monitoring solutions for high-voltage power grids
MCA Sistemas MCA sepcializes in: - Development of custom WEB Telemetry, M2M and SCADA solutions for Health Systems Providers, Energy, Industry Automation, Utilities, and Environmental Monitoring; - Development of OEM SCADA software for hardware and machine vendors, who wish to provide fully customized Data Acquisition and Control Solutions along with their products; -Special or large projects requiring custom extensions, new communications protocols, translatios and other related work to Web Telemetry and SCADA software development; - Deployment and Long Term Support for Telemetry and SCADA systems.
KCBiotech Biotechnology Solutions KCbiotech Biotechnology Solutions is a young company in Brazil. Our services and R&D projects primly related to agribusiness. Our Services are conducted in our lab in Brazil. KCbiotech consists of a service department delivering costumer specific solutions and a research and development department, which is creating new and innovative products. KCBiotech woks, for example, with analyses and R&D for non-GMO and GMO plants. The company also works with genetic engineering for Brazilian biodiversity.
iTAIC iTAIC is concentrated in developing new technologies to wireless sensors networks based on protocol IEEE 802.15.4 and FPGA. The protocol IEEE 802.15.4 is used to transmit multimedia and signals of sensors. To complex algorithms, iTAIC is developing solutions based on configurable hardware, based on FPGA, to accelerate the processing of information like image and sound processing.
76 results