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Danziger Innovations Ltd. Danziger Innovations (Danziger) is an Israeli start-up company that specializes in the development of MemoGeneTM, a genetic breeding platform aimed primarily at creating non-GMO high-value, tailor-made plant varieties with novel desirable traits. Danziger’s proprietary breeding solution, MemoGene™, enables i) the introduction of deletions in genes of interest as modifications for non-GMO plants; or ii) the insertion of genes into specific genomic regions.
Maynards Indústria Tática Ltda Defense and safe products.
Maynards Indústria Tática Ltda Defense and safety products.
Emerald Medical Applications LTD. DermaCompare is the first application to utilize our sophisticated image processing technology. The skin lesions detection software solution is designed to revolutionize the process of diagnosing melanoma, the major cause of skin cancer related mortality. DermaCompare supports early stage diagnosis of skin cancer by providing constant monitoring of suspicious skin lesions using various imaging methods, thereby significantly increasing the chances of treating the condition, as well as lowering the cost and complexity of treatment.
Skydrones Tecnologia Avionica Ltda Development os small UAV (up to 7kg) for security, agricuture and industrial ispection. Develop and produce fixed wing and multirotor.
Biokyra Ltda. Endovascular devices development (project conception and prototype manufacturing; in vitro bench tests, mechanical tests, medical devices manufacturing in GMP certified environment).
Kev Energia Distribuída Integrada do Brasil S/A Energy system by smart grid
Mapal Green Energy Ltd. Floating fine-bubbles aeration system used for new waste water treatment plants (WWTP) or for upgrading WWTP that use mechanical aeration. Our system can save up to 70% of the energy consumption and up to 80% in operations and maintenance in WWTP. There is no need to stop the treatment process or drain the reactor prior to installation. Our system is module and units can be moved or added according to the customers demand. Our market opportunities are any WWTP that needs to be built or upgraded.
SOFTSIZE DESENVOLVIMENTO E CONSULTORIA SS LTDA FPA measurement FPA trainning - Function Point Analisys
Hazera Genetics ltd. Hazera Genetics is a world leader in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable and field crop hybrid seeds
MRL Homeopathic International Ltda Homeopathy
Instituto Brasilia de Tecnologia e Inovacao IBTI areas of knowledge and activities are linked to the IT productive arrangement in the Federal District (DF), being worthy to notice that there are over 3,740 information and telecommunications companies in the DF, and the government\'s strategy includes the deployment of the DF of the Digital Capital Technology Park Pole (PTCD). This project is a major component of the DF government policy to leverage the sector that is already the second largest in the country. The valuable proposition of PTCD is the availability of a high-tech laboratory for the development of ICT solutions within the Park, once it represents an increasing attractiveness and opportunity for success, especially for small and medium-sized companies located in the Park. This lab is available, in a shared-basis, to those entities involved with the PTCD allowing this technology infrastructure of high complexity and cost to be available for conducting research and development activities without requiring investments by each individual company/research group that needs such infrastructure. In this sense, the laboratory represents a rationalization of infrastructure.
Evidence Projetos e Decorações Ltda Industry point of sale material, fabrication and erection of shops / kiosks / display cabinets.
VERT SOLUÇÕES EM TIC LTDA infrasctruture software & hardware, storage, security, datacenter, network, safe city, integration, software development, project management,
Eduardo Lopes da Silva infra structures, premolding, transports, organizational inteligence
iTAIC iTAIC is concentrated in developing new technologies to wireless sensors networks based on protocol IEEE 802.15.4 and FPGA. The protocol IEEE 802.15.4 is used to transmit multimedia and signals of sensors. To complex algorithms, iTAIC is developing solutions based on configurable hardware, based on FPGA, to accelerate the processing of information like image and sound processing.
KCBiotech Biotechnology Solutions KCbiotech Biotechnology Solutions is a young company in Brazil. Our services and R&D projects primly related to agribusiness. Our Services are conducted in our lab in Brazil. KCbiotech consists of a service department delivering costumer specific solutions and a research and development department, which is creating new and innovative products. KCBiotech woks, for example, with analyses and R&D for non-GMO and GMO plants. The company also works with genetic engineering for Brazilian biodiversity.
MCA Sistemas MCA sepcializes in: - Development of custom WEB Telemetry, M2M and SCADA solutions for Health Systems Providers, Energy, Industry Automation, Utilities, and Environmental Monitoring; - Development of OEM SCADA software for hardware and machine vendors, who wish to provide fully customized Data Acquisition and Control Solutions along with their products; -Special or large projects requiring custom extensions, new communications protocols, translatios and other related work to Web Telemetry and SCADA software development; - Deployment and Long Term Support for Telemetry and SCADA systems.
Metrycom Communications Metrycom develops markets and supports low-cost on-line wireless monitoring solutions for high-voltage power grids
76 results